BMI Seminar Series

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Biomedical Informatics Seminar Series:

One hour forum for faculty to present research activities among a broad group of individuals with interest in Biomedical Informatics. Lunch is provided.

When: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at Noon

Where: Locations vary, based on availability. Usually School of Medicine

12/06/16:   Vinay Vaidya, PhD - Savitribai Phule Pune University, India:  Detection of Limb Movement thru EEG Waveform Analysis.  (SOM  178P)

11/15/16:   Erik Reinertsen, MD/PhD student, BMI:   Classification of mental illness using mobile phone & wearable device data. (SOM  190P)

11/01/16:   Sandra Safo, PhD - Biostatistics, RSPH:  Predicting atherosclerosis risk groups using genomic and traditional risk factors. (SOM   178P)

10/18/16:   Denis Tsygankov, PhD, BME - Georgia Tech:  Automated feature extraction in multicellular formations with subtle structural differences.  (SOM  190P)

10/04/16:   Guillermo Cecchi, PhD - IBM Research, Computational Neuroscience:   A Privileged Window into the Mind: Language as a Tool for Diagnosis of Mental Disease (PAIS Building, 5th Floor, Psych CCI classroom-561)

09/20/16:  Francisco Robles, PhD, BME - Georgia Tech:  Label-free molecular imaging for histopathology:  New opportunities for improving cancer identification and staging. (SOM  178P)

09/06/16:  Sanjit Kumar, CEO - Diascan - Leveraging Deep Learning to Analyze and Classify Lung Tumors & Nodules from a Chest Computed Tomography Scan (PAIS Building, 5th floor, Psych CCI classroom-561)

08/30/16:  Chengyu Liu, PhD - Evaluation of the Accuracy Noise Response of an Open-source Pulse Onset Detection Algorithm on Pulsatile Waveform Databases (SOM 178P)

06/21/16:  Cancelled

05/17/16:  Lars Ruthotto, PhD  Numerical Methods of Hyperelastic Image Registration (SOM 178P)

05/03/16:  Geoffrey Smith, MD  (SOM 178P)

04/19/16:  Elizabeth Krupinski, PhD Using Eye-Tracking to Assess How Clinicians Extract Information From Images (SOM 178P)

04/05/16:  Peng Qiu, PhD and Christia Spainhour, PhD - Identification of Disease Specific Drug/Gene interactions in CNV Data with Survival  Analysis (SOM 178P)

03/15/16:  James Kinney, III (SOM 190P)  BMI Cluster

03/01/16:  Kimberly Applegate, MD and Srini Tridandapani, MD, PhD - Visible Light Imaging: A Path to Patient-Centered Medical Imaging  (SOM 190P)

02/16/16:  Guillermo Cecchi, PhD  Cancelled due to weather

01/19/16:  James M. Blum, MD, FCCM

12/15/15:  Jun Kong, PhD - 2D and 3D Biomedical Image Analytics for Translational Research (SOM 190P)

12/01/15:  Prabhu Shankar, MD, MS - Modern Roads to Type 1 Diabetes Management in Children: The Guide to Goals Program - with Shane Owens of Georgia Institute of Technology (SOM 190P)

11/03/15:  Mohamed Elgendi, PhD - Cardiac Waveform Analysis for Mobile Applications (SOM 178P)

10/20/15:  Mohammad Ghassemi, PhD Candidate - Making the Most of Big Data in Critical Care  (SOM 178P)

09/15/15:  Otis Smart, PhD - Subcallosal Cingulate Power as a Potential Biomarker of Treatment-Resistant Depression
                    (SOM 170A)

09/08/15:  Andrew Beck, MD, PhD - Computational Pathology for Systematic Studies of Carcinogenesis
                    (SOM 190P)

08/18/15:  Gari Clifford, PhD ¿ Resource Constrained Perinatal Healthcare Informatics  (EUH Annex 240)


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